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Lefebvre's Shadow knows the petit ecclesia

An institution is the lengthened shadow of one man. (Emerson).

Mons Lefebvre's shadow

   (H/T Catholic Family News)

Bishop Fellay on Pope Francis
We have in front of us a genuine Modernist!” (Ok, then. We have a Bishop calling a Pope a heretic)

Bishop Fellay noted that Pope St. Pius X said at the beginning of his pontificate the ‘son of perdition’ may already be on the earth. He also noted the original prayer to Saint Michael of Pope Leo XIII mentions that Satan aims to establish his seat in Rome. (Um, it's an aim, Bishop.  It is not a thing to be considered doable given the promises of Our Lord and Saviour. This man does not appear to believe the promises of Christ and, thus, he is a heretic in thinking the Church has failed and is teaching heresy. More to follow in the days ahead).

He also spent a good bit of time on the famous and dramatic 1957 interview of Father Fuentes with Sister Lucia, in which she reiterated that “various nations will disappear from the face of the earth,” and that “the devil will do all in his power to overcome souls consecrated to God.” (Yes, but we sort of knew that a long time ago, didn't we?)

...:When we see what is happening now [under Pope Francis] we thank God, we thank God, we have been preserved from any kind of Agreement from last year. (He thanks God that his petit ecclesia refuses communion with the local Bishop and the Pope; and this is considered Tradition?)

“To imagine that some people continue to pretend we are decided [still] to get an Agreement with Rome. Poor people. I really challenge them to prove they mean. They pretend that I think something else from what I do. They are not in my head.”  (OK, then please make public the agreement with Rome that you refused. What are you hiding?)

 “Any kind of direction for recognition ended when they gave me the document to sign on June 13, 2012. That very day I told them, ‘this document I cannot accept.’ I told them from the start in September the previous year that we cannot accept this ‘hermeneutic of continuity’ because it is not true, it is not real. It is against the reality. So we do not accept it. The Council is not in continuity with Tradition. It’s not. So when Pope Benedict requested that we accept that the Second Vatican Council is an integral part of Tradition, we say, ‘sorry, that’s not the reality, so we’re not going to sign it. We’re not going to recognize that’.” 

“The same for the Mass. The want us to recognize not only that the [New] Mass is valid provided it is celebrated correctly, etc., but that it is licit. I told them: we don’t use that word. It’s a bit messy, our faithful have enough [confusion] regarding the validity, so we tell them, ‘The New Mass is bad, it is evil’ and they understand that. Period!’” Of course the Roman authorities “were not very happy with that.

“It has never been our intention to pretend either that the Council would be considered as good, or the New Mass would be ‘legitimate’”. (He is making it as clear as he can that he and his outfit ain't coming home. They reject an Ecumenical Council and the Mass of the Catholic Church. They are a schism)

“So it is very clear our principle is always the same to stay faithful! We have received a treasure. This treasure does not ‘belong’ to us. We have received this treasure and we have to hand it to the next generation. And what is requested from us is faithfulness, fidelity. We do not have the right to jeopardize these treasures. These are the treasures we have in our hands and we are not going to jeopardize them."  (I assume he is talking about the petit ecclesia established by Mons Lefebvre)

“If the present Pope continues in the way he started, he is going to divide the Church. He’s exploding everything. So people will say: it is impossible that’s he’s the Pope, we refuse him. Others will say [and this is presently Bishop Fellay’s position]: “Wait, consider him as Pope, but don’t follow him. He’s provoking anger. Many people will be discouraged by what people in the Church do” and will be tempted to “throw it all away.”

But, he reminded, God is “much, much bigger than we are. God is able to have the Church continue” and even can work through these imperfect ministers. “But once again”, he repeats, “don’t follow them. Follow them when they say the truth, but when they tell you rubbish, you don’t” follow them on those points. “Any obedience to be true must be related to God. When I say I obey to a person” he should be a “a mirror of God.” But “when mirror tells me contrary of God, it is no longer a mirror, then I don’t follow him.”  (Perhaps Fellay is going to go the way of earlier protestants and propose the existence of an invisible church; who knows?)

Bishop Fellay noted that we cannot simply obey the present Popes without question, because then we would destroy ourselves, we would endanger our Faith. (Preserve the Petit Ecclesia. But if his clerics do not obey him, he excommunicates them)

A follow-up post tomorrow about Mons Lefebvre establishing a petit ecclesia that usurped the Divinely-Constitued Authority delivered to the Pope and Bishops in union with him.

The SSPX is a schism that has arrogantly grasped authority away from Rome. There is absolutely no question that this has happened as a natural consequence of Lefebvre's long legacy of making agreements with legitimate authority and then going back on his word when he did not get his way. 

Here is a link that documents the long, sad, history of his broken agreements.

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