Thursday, January 16, 2014

Eye-opening series on the Liturgy

Most soi disant Traditionalists are very familiar with a particular line of argument about the Liturgical Movement and the Normative Mass vs the so-called Traditional 1962 Roman Missal ( a two year transitional Missal putatively encapsulating "The Mass of All Time") and in the post office in their minds are the most-wanted bad guy sinner posters and in the stained glass windows in their minds are the images of the heroic saints.

But, what if this oft-told tale was more polemic than real history and what if the presumptive saints were sinners?

Most soi disant traditionalists are jake with a great centralising Encyclical, Mediator Dei, and so appeals to Tradition in opposition to the Normative Mass have to deal with that enormous fact which, in essence, places within Tradition the reality that the Pope has the authority and power to do whatever’n'hell he desires with the Mass.
I read a great seven post series on the Liturgy at Rad Trad and it is a series that will likely make you think differently about the Mass and especially whether or not it really was – as it is claimed – a blessing for any Christian Catholic in the world to travel to foreign lands and hear Mass in Latin.

Interested ?

Then read this series of posts from the great Rad Trad who has, sadly, discontinued his Blog. The Rad Trad had a great effect upon me in a short amount of time.  He is a real scholar and a gentleman.

In any event, his series will change the way you think about the Liturgy.


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    1. Dear Rad Trad. Thanks be to God. Your intellect and industry are invaluable but the example you set by your deportment may well prove to be your most valuable contribution to the Traditional movement.

      This is great news.

  2. You may not be Spartacus, but I'm sure I know you from somewhere. You remind me of a catholic guy I knew on freerepublic, but I never would have guessed his face to be as hairy as that in your photo above! ;)

    Anyway have just finished reading Rad Trad's series on the liturgy and found it very interesting, if rather over my head in parts. For me, the big question is still how does the Church recover from our current liturgical morass, and restore the original orientation of the Roman Rite? Some of Rad Trad's suggestions are interesting, but I guess are aimed at those who have access to the 1962 Rite. 99% of today's Church doesn't even have that.

  3. Dear Deacon Augustine. Yeah, I knew Catholicguy. He was kicked-off F.R. due to his opposition to the Iraq War. But I sure that Catholicguy fondly remembers you and other Christian Catholics on there who fervently strove for the truth.

    I am not sure what will happen in the future but for his own self, IANS has decided to quit his insular exclusivity within the trad community and he has thrown-in with his local Parish and he is befriending his Priest and we shall see what happens in the future.

  4. Thought so - good to "see" you round again. I used to post on there as Tantumergo before that account was banned, but I guess I wasn't homosexual enough for their tastes.

    Glad to hear you are resuming the battle in the trenches of the local Parish. Its amazing how much suffering the Catholic soul can put up with when its offered to God. I take the view that if Christ Himself is prepared to suffer the banality of much of what passes for the N.O. then I how can in principle refuse to accompany Him? It can be frustrating, though. It has taken me 10 years since ordination to get just the Kyrie, Sanctus and Agnus Dei, sung in the traditional chant at our Sunday morning Mass. Even those who were originally antagonistic now seem to love it, and the only miserabilist is my Parish Priest - but without Him we would have no Mass at all!

    I am interested to know that you are taking a pop at Scott Hahn. I think he does have some good insights and has helped to popularise Scripture among Catholics, but when he went off on the "feminine Holy Ghost" malarky, I felt he was probably getting too big for his boots. Will watch developments with interest.

  5. Dear Deacon Augustine. Tantumergo. Wow, I remember when you came bursting onto the FR scene like the last display at a Fireworks. Congrats on your ordination, Rev. Deacon.

    You and I both are recipients of the Free Republic Defenestration Medal and I wear mine proudly :)

    May God Bless and Keep you and greatly reward you for your efforts. You are a good man and woe betide the nitwit imbecilic enough to try and deter you.

    Have you considered seeking a dispensation from your Bishop so you could be cloned?

    1. LOL! Those were the days.

      My bishop is heaven-sent so he wouldn't go for cloning, but he has sent me on a vocations drive! The Church needs good, orthodox deacons, IANS - have you ever considered that you might be called to serve in the order yourself?

    2. Dear Deacon. WE at ABE Ministry always opt for the Groucho Mark defense in a situation like this; IANS would never join an organisation that would accept someone like him as a member.

      IANS does want to add that years ago his Mom gave him an old school paper of his that she had saved for him. It was a fourth grade project paper that was created in response to the Teacher's assignment that each student tell their classmates what they planned as a profession in the future.

      IANS' paper had a drawing of a jet and a Pope for he was then determined to be a fighter pilot or the Pope.

      So, Deacon, unless you can promise IANS either the power of killing his enemies or excommunicating them (we at ABE Ministry frequently are blind to the difference), IANS has to respectfully decline.

      As a more serious aside, IANS' MIL (Mother in Law) is in a rather poor state and he takes his Bride to see her every fortnight and so he doesn't now have the time to consider such a generous offer.

      But, when he does, he will most certainly contact you as he holds you in high regard, brother Deacon.

    3. Sorry to hear about the MIL. Will say a prayer for you all.