Friday, January 31, 2014

Bumper Sticker Winner Declared

On the left, there is the mundane evangelical protestant, Keep Christ in Christmas, sticker while on the right, affixed to the Lord Al is the, Keep Christ and The Mass in Christmas, sticker.

Owing to the fact that the sticker on the left (sinsitra) * represents only a partial truth, we at ABE Ministry award the grand prize to the owner of the Lord Al and IANS will receive a bottle of quality Cabernet as a prize.

And remember, Saturday is a First Saturday and Sunday is the Feast of the Purification/Candlemas/Presentation of the Lord and, as such, marks the fortieth, and last day , of Christmastide.

I expect to see the fullness  of Faith expressed on a bumper sticker on your car next year.

* Black car, on the left, bumper sticker with only
   1/2 half of the truth; sinister indeed


  1. Replies
    1. Don't rush The Holy Day season
      Advent exists for a specific reason

      is also on The Lord Al for the entirety of Advent

    2. Dear BC.

      Keep Christ
      & The Mass
      in Christmas

      Color: Fire Red
      Font: Civilized
      9 X 4 Magnetic Bumper Sticker

  2. Come this November, I'll pull the trigger
    For Romney-Ryan and not the President.

    I decided not to have such a bumper sticker made although it was not a bad idea