Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cloak and Dagger

DEUT: Consider that I have set before thee this day life and good; and on the other hand good and evil.

It is either the Cloak or the Dagger, It really is that  simple of a choice; or, because we are Trinitarians*

If we Cloak the putative spiritual nakedness of Our Pope we will be Blessed whereas if we chose the Dagger of publicly condemning the Pope, we are stabbing him in the back.

Do we follow the example of Sem and Japeth who Cloaked Noe and garnered a Blessing or do we pick-up the Dagger and plunge it into the back of Our Holy Father and, like Cham, receive a Curse?




  1. Brother,

    You are spending an awful lot of time shooting across the bow of those TRYING TO MAKE SENSE of the Holy Father's confusing statements. If you really believe in cloaking him, however, you need to spend more time explicating and defending his statements. Otherwise, you are just standing outside the tent with the cloak in your hands, haranguing Cham not to look at Noah kicking his new clothes off. Cursing the fact that some of us have eyes is not the same thing as actively covering the father's nakedness. In other words, if you really want the blessing, you must do the dressing.

    In any case, if "shutting my yapper" is the concrete meaning of your "Pax tecum", I guess my sense of Southern comfort has a lot to learn from your Yankee manners. The traditional exegesis of the nude Noah passage includes the teaching not to spotlight ANYONE'S faults with too much zeal, but you seem quite content to throw mud at the faults of the pope's anguished fault-finders. Trampling your brothers just to honor your father is a curious sort of piety, and one wonders who is, in fact, sowing more dissension. If one part of the body suffers, the whole body suffers. There's no need to take your regrets out on others.

    What am I missing?

    -- The Codgitator

  2. As a Christian, you should be following the example of OLJC. Therefore, when the man who is now in the place of St Peter says something against the Faith, against the Truth, against OLJC, you should respond to him as OLJC responded to St Peter.

    So, as recorded in Matt 18:23, this is what you should be saying to Pope Francis, over and over again:
    "Go behind me, Satan, thou art a scandal unto me: because thou savourest not the things that are of God, but the things that are of men."

  3. Dear H. Crab. I thought it fairly well known that Our Holy Father is a man who speaks off the cuff,absent a text, off the top of his head, in the moment etc etc

    I am of the belief that, like all Popes prior to him and all of the Popes to follow him, Pope Francis is orthodox.

    Now, I know one can go back over the historical record and identify a very few material heretical statements made by he who occupied this Divinely-Constitued Office at a particular time but we Christian Catholics can be 100% assured that the Apostolic See is the one particular Church that will be perpetually preserved from falling into heresy.

    If you think Pope Francis is Satan then nothing I will write will have any effect on you. But if you do think he is Satan, I think you ought to petition our Queen Mom in Heaven requesting she garner additional Grace from her Son so you can come to understand that her Son established His Church that can not ever fail.

    The Second and Third Persons of the Blessed Trinity have always preserved the Apostolic See in Faith and that has not changed under Pope Francis. They have not gone into retirement

  4. Dear BC. I think you know how much I value our online friendship and I am not trying to disturb the peace that heretofore has existed twixt us.

    I am writing what I truly and firmly believe and I truly and firmly believe that public criticism of the Pope is entirely wrong.

    I stand by what I wrote in using the Cloak and Dagger images.

    Sem was under no obligation to explain Noe's behavior and I see no evidence he engaged in any such attempt. He cloaked him.

    My public statement that I consider Our Holy Father orthodox and ought be above our public sifting is cloaking; it is doing essentially what Sem did.

    Dear B.C. Write what you think can possibly be a positive result of what you are doing.

    There is no good that can come of this. Our lovable Holy Father is elderly and, although possessing of much more vim and vigor than I have, he is a tiger who is not about to change his spots.

    As always, I end by bidding
    Pat tecum

  5. Dear IANS. Not for a moment would I identify Pope Francis with Satan!

    In Matt.16:23, OLJC calls St Peter 'Satan' in charity, because He is showing St Peter, and us, how wrong it is to confuse 'the things that are of God' with 'the things that are of men'.